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Reach for the extraordinary “elixir of youth”! Collagen is a compound that occurs naturally in the human body, supporting the proper functioning of the entire body. Its regenerating effect has a positive effect on bones, joints, muscles, as well as skin and hair. Start taking collagen for drinking. A wide range of products allows the selection of the right dose and form for anyone who wants to use this natural rejuvenating agent.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is the main component of the intercellular substance of animal organisms. It is the main structural protein – it occurs in virtually all tissues. It can be obtained from fish, pigs or poultry. Marine collagen, which is most often obtained from fish skin, is the most popular. It is characterized by very high bioavailability, because its structure resembles the structure of human collagen. Without collagen, proper body functioning would be impossible. It is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Is a component of many dietary supplements and cosmetics available on the market.

Collagen powder

Collagen is responsible for the metabolism of cells in the body and affects the proper functioning of the entire body. It protects internal organs and accelerates the regeneration of bones, joints and tendons. Supports immunity and the fight against microorganisms. Collagen fibers are the main building blocks of the skin, so it has a positive effect on its condition and has anti-wrinkle properties.
The young human body produces adequate amounts of collagen, which rebuilds tissues and delays the aging process. However, with age, the production of this protein decreases. There are problems with the joints and muscles. The skin slackens and falls, wrinkles appear. Deficiency of this component can be supplemented by using dietary supplements – collagen tablets and drinking collagen.

Best collagen powder 2020

Over time, your body produces less collagen. The density of the epidermis decreases and cell renewal slows down, which causes wrinkles and loss of firmness. Collagen intake revitalizes and strengthens the skin, increases its elasticity, and also accelerates wound healing and irritation. Collagen is also great for everyday care. You can apply the preparation to the face or even the whole body after bathing. This ensures deep hydration, firmness and proper tension. Smoothes wrinkles and nourishes and helps regenerate damage. It leaves the skin healthy, smooth, elastic and radiant.

Best collagen supplement 2020

A collagen deficiency can manifest as joint problems, back pain, a decrease in skin firmness, and wrinkles. It should be used by people who engage in sports. It is worth taking liquid collagen or collagen tablets with a significant load on the joints or after injuries to promote regeneration. It is also recommended for the elderly. A wide selection of collagen products will allow you to choose the right product for your individual needs.

Is it really possible to work on improving the condition of the skin from the inside? Dietary supplements containing a natural component of the body, which is collagen, have been on the market for a long time, they are used to fight wrinkles and joint diseases. In tissues, collagen does not exist in pure form, but in the form of an intercellular matrix. In addition to collagen fibers, which provide flexibility and strength of the matrix, it contains elastin, fibrin and hyaluronic acid. Importantly, each of them plays an irreplaceable role? Collagen tablets and drinking collagen are available on the market, taking these supplements as opposed to injections and plastic surgery is the best solution.

Natural collagen

Admittedly, you can’t get enough collagen from food, that’s why dozens of collagen production technologies have been developed today from various sources.

Animal is produced by processing the skin and joints of cattle. It is well absorbed, due to the large molecule it penetrates the dermis poorly.
Fish oil is obtained from the upper skin cells of marine fish. Such a protein is considered more effective because it is completely absorbed through the intestinal wall when it enters the body.
Fish collagen and animal collagen are today optimal and most promising from the point of view of digestibility and safety of use as a dietary supplement. To get the best effect, you can use them alternately. First, take animal collagen tablets, then fish collagen into pica.

Magic collagen in tablets is not a dream now, but a reality
Dietary supplements promise to strengthen the hair and nails and protect people from all possible problems with beauty and joint pain. Is collagen in tablets so effective and is it worth taking it? Tablets are a convenient form that requires a higher dose. Collagen is a structural protein, it is one of the most important components of connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles). Collagen has many important functions, including maintaining skin structure and strengthening bones. In most of them collagen is used in processed, hydrolyzed form for better absorption.

Drinking collagen

Collagen improves skin health because it is a major component of the skin. It gives her strength and is responsible for smoothness, firmness and health. The aging body produces less and less collagen, contributes to dry skin and wrinkles. Current research has confirmed that regular use of collagen supplements can slow down skin aging.

Studies have confirmed that women who took collagen tablets for eight weeks experienced a decrease in skin dryness and a significant increase in skin elasticity. However, after using the dietary supplement for 12 weeks, they showed increased skin hydration and a significant decrease in the depth of wrinkles. Experts explain the effects of supplements through their ability to stimulate the body to produce collagen on its own. In addition, supplementation may contribute to the production of other skin-structuring proteins, including elastin and fibrillin. It is sometimes argued that taking collagen tablets regularly can also prevent acne and skin diseases.

Collagen supplement

Collagen tablets relieve joint pain, help maintain the structure of cartilage, connective tissue that protects the joints. The decreasing amount of collagen in the body is the reason for the increased risk of osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis). Some studies show that taking supplements can alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce joint pain. There are reports confirming that additional collagen contributes to its accumulation in cartilage and stimulation of tissue production. Theoretically, this leads to a reduction in inflammation, better joint function and pain.

Collagen in tablets has a beneficial effect on the condition of the bones, preventing their loss. As you know, they are built primarily of collagen, which creates their structure. Limiting this component in the body can lead to osteoporosis, which is characterized by low bone density and a person is vulnerable to fractures.

Collagen dietary supplement

Collagen helps to increase muscle mass. From 1% to 10% of muscle tissue consists of collagen. This protein is necessary for muscles to remain strong and function properly. Studies show that supplements help increase muscle mass in people with sarcopenia, a loss of muscle mass that occurs with age. Studies have been carried out to confirm whether you can achieve muscle mass gain by taking collagen tablets. The results clearly showed that those taking the supplements obtained an increase in muscle mass and felt better condition. Scientists suggest that taking collagen in tablets promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine, and also stimulates muscle growth after exercise.

Highly absorbable fish collagen on the market is available in tablets, which in its composition contains sea algae, many vitamins, microelements and vitamin E. It is recognized as an effective joint strengthening agent. Another product, in addition to hydrated sea collagen, has in its composition chondroitin sulfate, ginger rhizome extract and vitamin C. This collagen in tablets provides flexibility, regenerates joints, improves cartilage and bone function, and has warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Collagen tablets should be taken as directed on the product label.

What are the benefits of drinking collagen?

According to medical specialists, drinking collagen is a great way to support the whole body and skin, especially if someone is unsure of the nutritional value of their diet. Supplements can be used if the amount of protein in the diet is low. If you want to have flexible muscles and skin, you should support your body with them. The use of collagen for drinking is especially important when traveling, experiencing stress, having problems with the intestines or following a restrictive diet.

According to specialists, drinking collagen is certainly effective, it will contribute to skin firming and fight wrinkles. If there are problems with the joints, it will provide bone or cartilage strengthening, i.e. it will work where there is an urgent need. Drinking collagen is an enriched form of collagen, in its composition you can find not only proteins and amino acids, but also additional vitamins and minerals. The concentrated substance in the form of a liquid is quickly absorbed.

Collagen supplements for skin

Marine drinking collagen contributes to the effective absorption of calcium, which significantly improves its bioavailability. In addition, such a dietary supplement becomes an affordable and natural source of collagen amino acids, which guarantees good skin hydration and moisture retention. It is also great support for problems with joints, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Animal drinking collagen is also available and has been strengthened by ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, silicon and vitamins. Perfectly improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Collagen is a natural compound found in the human body. Synthetic collagen and animal collagen are very popular ingredients in cosmetics for skin care. The action of collagen causes that bones and internal organs are healthy, and the skin is firm, elastic and smooth. Unfortunately, with age, the body loses the ability to produce new collagen fibers. Wrinkles appear, the skin begins to sag and the hair falls out. To stop this process, it is worth using it to use collagen to drink or collagen in tablets.

Good collagen

The main properties of collagen are its elasticity and strength. They enable him to keep his skin in good condition. This substance also works from the inside – it protects organs such as the kidneys, stomach or liver by creating a protective layer around them.

It also plays a role in the immune system by preventing the formation of microorganisms, toxins and cancer cells.

It makes the skin smooth, elastic and maintains its healthy, young appearance. Collagen makes up 60% of all skin proteins. It significantly affects the condition and appearance of the whole body. When the natural collagen begins to disappear and the production of new proteins begins to decay, then the skin begins to age.

Collagen and skin aging – longer youth

The body of a healthy and young person automatically produces the right amount of collagen and properly exchanges it. In this way, damaged tissues are constantly regenerated. Unfortunately, over the years, the body’s ability to produce and reproduce collagen fibers disappears. As a result, more natural collagen cells die than are produced. Scientists conducting research on this phenomenon have proved that this process begins to happen around 26 years of age. It is enhanced by factors that every person struggles with on a daily basis, such as stress, illness, intense physical effort and even weather conditions. In women 5 years after menopause, the amount of collagen produced decreases by up to 30%! Therefore, its supplementation is extremely important and although it will not stop the aging process, it is able to significantly delay it.

Collagen supplementation – why is it worth it?

Trace amounts of collagen are found in some foods. However, there are not enough of them that with a daily diet it is almost impossible to make up for deficiencies. A much better and more effective way to supplement the body’s collagen content is supplementation. Collagen in liquid and collagen in tablets absorb well and quickly in the body. The effect of such supplementation is nourished and elastic skin and strong hair. Nourished scalp and bulbs will make your hair less prone to falling out. Interestingly, taking collagen can help you deal with persistent celullite.

Regularly taken collagen in liquid or collagen in tablets affects not only beauty, but also internal organs, joints and the skeletal system. When supplementing collagen, it is also worth taking vitamin C, which speeds up the production of new fibers.